Baza znanja Stručni skupovi

Stručni skupovi u regiji/svijetu u 2011.-oj

Pogledajte popis stručnih skupova u regiji i svijetu koje smo pronašli na webu a koji bi vam mogli biti interesantni. Ukoliko i sami znate za neke zanimljive a koji nisu ovdje navedeni, javite nam!

12.-14.01.2011. Washington, DC -Social Media Legal Risk & Strategy

25.01.2010. London, UK - PR Week Conference Maximising Social Media PR in Practice  

1.-3.02.2011.New York, USA - 2011 Public Relations Leadership Forum East Arthur W. Page Society, the Council of PR Firms and the Institute for Public Relations
8.-10.02. 2011, San Francisco, CA -Social Media Strategies Summit

17.02.2011. London, UK - PR Healthcare Communications

17.-18.02.2011. Davos, Suisse - World Economic Forum - Communications on Top  

03.-05.03.2011. Lisbon, Portugal - Euprera 2011 Spring Symposium Beyond Online: Is Public Relations adapting, evolving … or failing?
21.- 22.03.2011. Brussels, Belgium - International Corporate and Diplomatic Protocol - Level I

24.03.2011. London, UK - Third Sector Communications, PR Week Conference

31.03.-01.04.2011. Beograd, Srbija -The corporate communications experience  

27.-29.04.2011. Washington, D.C.- Health Academy Conference “New Rules of Engagement: Communicating Transparency, Quality and Healthy Lifestyles“  

5.-6-05.2011. New York City, USA - Digital Impact Conference “Building Knowledge, Skills and Value for the New Decade“ Co-Presented by: Public Relations Society of America, PRSA Technology Section, New York University and Society for New Communications Research  

13.-15.05.2011. Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Counselors Academy Spring Conference “Thoughts From the Desert: Creating a Winning Combination for You, Your Clients and Your Team“

18.-20.05.2011. New Orleans, USA -The Reputation Institute's 15th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness  

25.-26.05.2010. London, UK - Science Communication Conference The British Science Association is working in partnership with the Wellcome Trust to organise the 2010 Science Communciation Conference. It addresses the key issues facing science communicators in the UK and each year brings together people who are involved in public engagement - a diverse group of people from a broad range of backgrounds.  

5.-7.06.2011. St John, Canada - Canadian Public Relations Conference - CPRS 2011 National ConferenceThe Power of PR 

5.-8.06.2011. San Antonio, CA - Travel and Tourism Conference “Navigating the Currents of Change: Proactive PR in Challenging Times“ 

12.-15.06.2011. San Diego, CA - IABC 2011 World Conference

20.-21.06.2011. Brussels, Belgium Advanced Training Course on International Corporate & Diplomatic Protocol  

1.-2.07.2011. Bled, Slovenia - 18th BledCom Internal Communication  

4.- 8.07.2011. Brussels, Belgium - Protocol MasterClass: Train to Become a Business/Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant

6.-7.07.2010. Bournemouth, UK - 2nd International History of Public Relations Conference.  

26.-27.07.2011. New York, NY 7th Public Relations and Communications Summit,  

8.-10.09.2011. Leeds, UK - The Euprera Annual Congress 'Public Relations in a Time of Turbulence' at Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, UK and chaired by Professor Anne Gregory. It promises to be an exciting and stimulating international event for public relations academics and practitioners, with two days of presentations, workshops and lively and informed debate on some of the major issues facing the profession.  

12.-15.10.2011. Southhampton, UK - Communication Directors' Forum
15.-18.10.2011. Orlando, FL - PRSA International Conference  

18.-22.10.2011. Brussels, Belgium - Protocol MasterClass: Train to Become a Business/Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant